About Us


Uncle Angelo was born in 1925 in Glen Cove, New York and grew up during the great depression.  He was the youngest of eight children from Italian immigrant parents that came to America from Glen Cove’s sister city, Sturno, Italy.  It was during his childhood he developed a fondness for his mother’s homemade peasant Italian recipes.

While stationed in Germany during World War II, Uncle Angelo began preparing meals for his fellow troops.  When he returned from the war, he continued his culinary journey catering for weddings and other functions for family, friends, church and community.

It was there in his hometown of Glen Cove, where he was married and started his own family and went on to become the town’s favorite uncle.  Everyone has that special someone that you can call and depend on in your time of need and Uncle Angelo was that guy.  He believed that a comforting meal and friendly conversation was a good replacement for everyday stress.

So here at Uncle Angelo’s, we invite you to sit at our tables and enjoy a comforting home-style Italian meal prepared by our chefs……we will leave the conversation to you.  In fond memory of Uncle Angelo and your help by choosing our establishment, we will donate a portion of our sales to local charities that help feed those in need and hopefully give them a better outlook for tomorrow.

I enjoyed working alongside Uncle Angelo for many years in his kitchens learning his culinary secrets and seeing firsthand the compassion he showed for all.  Out of respect and admiration for such a kind and gentle man, I named my only child after him.  I never got to call him Uncle Angelo like everyone else did, I just called him Dad.

Mangiare, la mia famiglia